Setting Priorities

Should you save more now to enjoy more later? Or do you want to enjoy your time and health now in case you don’t have it later? Making choices about what matters to you is a critical factor in achieving your financial goals.

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Risk: Identify, Assess, and Manage

A big part of financial planning is anticipating what could happen – good or bad! This article provides a quick overview of the best ways to address risks in your plan.

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Financial Planning.
By the Book.

We wrote this simple, straight-forward book because we believe everyone should have the right financial information at their fingertips. It covers the most important topics, and provides illustrated examples of solutions that can make a real difference. You won’t become an expert when you read it, but you’ll be armed with the information you need to ask the tough questions about your own financial plan.

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"I have been a satisfied client of Gordon’s for over ten years. I have always found him to be a straight shooter as it..." G.G. Hammonds Plains

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