When should you retire?

Definitely one of the most common questions we get. But there is no simple answer. This article explains that the best time for you to retire is based on a number of factors like CPP and RRSPs – and not all of them are financial!

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Retirement Planning checklist

There are a lot of things involved in developing a retirement plan. Life expectancy, expenses, income sources (savings and investments, pensions, government benefits, etc), inflation, rates of return, health and long-term care, and emergency expenses.

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Will you have enough money to retire?

Use our handy calculator to see if your retirement savings will last as long as you do.

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Retirement Planning.
By the Book.

You can read a lot more about retirement planning in our free financial planning book, Your Money. Your Future.

You’ll find great information and illustrated examples of solutions and strategies that can help you achieve the retirement you want. If you have questions about your retirement plan, we’re happy to help.

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"In October, 2001, my wife and I met with Gordon for a review of our retirement plans. The advice we received prompted us to..." D. & R.M. Halifax

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